#3 – Kelly Wilson, VP of Talent Management from Cardinal Health

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I’m your host Audrey McGuckin, CEO of Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions and today we will be joined by Kelly Wilson, VP of Talent Management from Cardinal Health. Kelly is one of our key speakers at this year’s 14th Annual Succession Management Conference in NYC on 8th and 9th November this year.

Coming up in this episode Kelly will be sharing insights with us on how Cardinal Health approached succession management and she’ll be giving us a preview of her session.

Confidence in the talent pipeline continues to be a top priority for CEOs and CHROs. Organizations are having to re-invent their succession practices to ensure they have the right cadre of leaders in place to execute on their business strategy – which is easy to say, hard to do.  HR’s ability to rethink and transform succession practices will be a critical differentiator for organizations that are prepared for change and disruption. Those that struggle will fall behind by losing out on their top employees.

Fantastic perspective from Kelly Wilson and the focus on how no matter what size of organization we can start small, proto and scale in a way that is integrated but that also is focused on the value for employees.

Thank you for listening to this episode in our podcast series. Please join us on 8th and 9th November in NYC to hear from Kelly and other organizations including ATT, United Technologies, Sanofi and Microsoft on future proofing your succession strategies. Go to www.conference-board.org to register now for this conference. You can also learn more about our work in succession management at www.audreymguckin.com.