#6 – John Gleason of A Better View

Hello, and welcome to the Audrey McGuckin Leadership Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to providing helpful insights, from some of the industry’s best and most respected leaders in the Human Capital space.

I’m your host Audrey McGuckin, CEO of Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions and today I’m thrilled that we’re joined by John Gleason, President – A Better View.

I first met John when he presented to an overview of design thinking that I’m apart of and I was inspired as I Listened – it really hit at some of the opportunities in human capital and some of the challenges that organizations face – I think of it as being human centered – but I’ll leave that to John to share with the group.

Fantastic perspective from John Gleeson. John and I are hosting an innovation lab in January in St Petersburg, Florida on 10th January – if you’re interested please email me at audrey@audreymcguckin.com

Thanks again for listening to this episode of the Audrey McGuckin Leadership podcast. Look for a new episode next month. Until next time, I’m Audrey McGuckin and thanks for listening.