Leadership Coaching
Coaching to create space for changing leadership mindsets, to uplift leadership capabilities, & to deliver on performance.

One of the biggest risks to executing talent management strategy can be the capability of senior leaders in delivering on this work. Our service includes coaching leaders through the real hands on work and allows for practice while executing the work

How we partner with you

We work with you supporting a wide variety of current and potential leaders. Whether you’re an executive, woman in leadership, high potential or millennial, we coach to create space for changing leadership mindsets, to uplift leadership capabilities, and ultimately, to deliver on performance.

Coaching is meant to help bring about change to an organization, from the top down. Helping leaders become more effective, to improve their overall performance, should spread throughout your company, creating an overall healthier organization.

Giving leaders the skills they need to succeed, should in turn, enable them to educate their own teams in best practices to reach peak performance.

How can leadership coaching help my company reach its business goals?

Leadership coaching is not a one size fits all solution. Coaching is tailored specifically to the person or people being coached, using techniques and methodologies that will best benefit their own personality and management style.

Coaching leaders helps create improved internal guidance within your business. Leaders learn how to best promote the unique talents and abilities of their own employees, and how to utilize your workforce to best support your business goals.

what clients say
Audrey brought an outside perspective to my global HR leadership team that set the stage for a very productive strategy workshop. Not only was the meeting effective due to Audrey’s leadership during the meeting but the content that she brought to the table and the pre work she engaged us in ensured we achieved the right outcomes. We now have a solid HR Strategy Map that we all own. We would not have gotten there without Audrey’s strategic focus!
Beth Simonetti
Executive Vice President and CHRO of Tech Data
Audrey’s energy and organizational skills are borderline contagious. She not only brings value to our board, she makes the rest of us sit up a little straighter and apply ourselves a little better just by being around her. Audrey leveraged her talent management skills to help us not only understand ourselves better, but also to work together as a diverse group of professionals.
John Ulrich
Chairman of Board – St Petersburg Police Athletic League
I valued the openness and honesty in our transactions as well as the energy and thought put into everything. I experienced the best combination of inside track and outside track when designing solutions. With Audrey nothing sits still: you get astute analysis, high energy, high conscientiousness and a positive ‘can do’ spirit that sits alongside a strong desire to define and achieve the goal.
Drew Watson
Director – Drew Watson International Ltd
She has the ability to drive a concept through either a small or large organization until it is a visceral part of the culture. Audrey prizes others’ intellectual capital and shares hers – she listens and infuses the ideas with her own. Speed and energy are part of her DNA. Her mind runs towards strategy and the future, yet her skills are very execution oriented.
Patricia Brigman
Founder – Wisconsin Medmark
Audrey is a talent management powerhouse. She has fantastic experience both domestically and globally and really “gets” talent management. She brings enthusiasm and passion to her work and is a straight shooter who tells it like it is. Audrey takes a strategic view of talent management, but is also pragmatic enough to both tie it back to the business need and make it practical to implement.
David Weller Ph.D.
Principal – Leadership Alliance
Most impressive, was the energy and enthusiasm she demonstrated, which was unexpected coming from a corporate executive supporting a non-for-profit board. She brings an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious, refreshing and motivating to all those working around her. I especially take value from the commitment she has to a project, devoting time and bringing ingenuity and intelligence to every phase.
Assistant Chief James Previtera
Investigative Services – St Petersburg Police Department
I had the privilege of working with Audrey for 17 years. Her questions on how to best understand the Asian culture were relentless. When she moved her family to Asia everything changed. With our joint agenda of “succession to support massive growth in Asia”, we toured our main plants in Wuxi, Tianjin, and Suzhou, China. This sent a strong signal that the business performance and talent agendas were part of the same goal. Our expansion in Asia would not have been possible without a solid succession program. [/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”John Ranalletta” position=”Senior Management Consultant – Advisa” photo=”166″] During our partnership over the last 12 years, Audrey and her team leveraged our Predictive Index offering in a strategic and integrated way that brought tremendous value for her clients. Her ability to comprehend issues broadly and deeply is an asset equaled by few. Her cognitive agility and incisive thought processes are second to none. She grasps multi-layered issues quickly and drives solutions.
Teck Ping
Former COO – Jabil Green Point Division
Do I need leadership coaching?

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