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Audrey is a Global HR Executive, who for the past 25+ years has lived and worked across the globe in dynamic markets including Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Florida, California, Boston, Germany, France and Spain. She’s consults with top CEO’s and CHROs to solve their toughest and most complex business challenges through innovative talent and people solutions.

She works with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. She serves diverse industries including, Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Packaging, Computing and Storage, Digital Home, Industrial and Energy, Networking & Telecommunications and Automotive.

Her unique background enables her to help clients realize their strategic human capital ambitions in a practical, ‘no nonsense’ way. She has an uncanny ability to interpret business strategies and unbundle these into actionable HR and Talent plans that deliver tangible results for her clients.

Before beginning her consulting career, Audrey was Chief Talent Officer with a leading, global technology company. She serves on the Board of Directors for St Petersburg Police Athletic League in St Petersburg, Florida, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


Chief Client Officer

Erica Richey is a strategic thinker and problem solver, specializing the client experience. Her focus is on aligning company culture and strategic initiatives to events and programs, increasing participation and company growth.

Throughout her career, Erica has supported small teams with individualized development and strategy execution, as well as Global nonprofit enterprises with business development plans and improving the donor experience. With a background in environment & experience design, Erica helps organizations with user engagement and retention.

Erica passionately works as a mentor and coach for young adults, focusing on leadership development and high-risk completion. She has successfully helped young adults to determine their dream and build healthy routines and disciplines to support their journey.


Chief Learning Officer

Renni Jessup is the Chief Learning Officer with Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions. She is an innovative HR leader, who specializes in Organizational and Leadership Development. Renni has a passion for creating and executing talent strategies and customizing leadership development to help organizations achieve their goals.

She is also an Executive Coach and enjoys helping individuals unlock their full potential. Prior to consulting, she spent her career working in Fortune 500 companies and has global experience within the hospitality, manufacturing, and medical device industries.



Debbie is a career coach with expertise in guiding young adults towards identifying their passions, teaching them to target jobs that will best utilize their skills and tap their interests, and providing them with the confidence and tools they will need for a lifetime in navigating their careers. After a fulfilling career spent in communications, Debbie began coaching high school students for the college application process and has now shifted her focus to the career search arena. She brings experience in marketing and communications, executive function and organization which serve her clients well as they seek to build the skills necessary for determining their own career paths. Debbie has demonstrated successful outcomes in helping young adults find their internal compass and the self-esteem and persistence to propel themselves into their dream careers.


Head of Business Analytics

Joe is a data-driven talent analytics leader who is at the forefront of the digitalization of HR. He has deep expertise in partnering with executive business leaders across the globe; North America, Europe, China, and South-East Asia.

He is a thought leader in enabling organizations to leverage their talent data within a robust analytics toolkit. He is a storyteller that supports CHROs in painting a detailed picture of workforce supply and demand based on hindsight, insight, and foresight.

Throughout his career, Joe has supported small teams with individualized development and succession planning, as well as Fortune 200 enterprises with strategic long-term talent visions. With a background in information systems, HR and business processes, and data science, Joe helps organizations realize the value in their workforce data in support of business strategy.


Research Analyst

Ali delivers value to our clients through researching competitive intelligence and market insights to support them with innovating their Human Capital practices. Her unique and creative approach allows her to deliver manageable and consumable content that can be practically embedded into HR strategies, tools and processes.

She is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in Economics and Psychology. During her time at Pitt, she spent her senior year gaining extensive experience as a research assistant within the department of social psychology, where she worked with hundreds of participants on a project examining how people behave, learn, and interact in high performing team. Ali fine-tuned her research skills by often closely examining articles and data while writing papers and conducting literature searches. She brings a versatile skill set with a passion for research, writing, and analytics.


Business Psychologist

Marisa is a business psychologist and leadership specialist with more than two decades of experience advising companies on leadership development, talent strategy and business transformation. She has worked throughout Europe, Asia, and North America helping global leaders and teams to transform both themselves and their businesses. She provides consulting support to individuals and teams from Fortune 100 companies to innovative start-up organizations. She has coached C-suite executives across industries and has led multiple leadership development interventions for managers in the technology, communications, retail, professional services and financial industries.

Her passion is to help leaders deal with disruption by using her business insight and psychological understanding to enable them to think differently. Leveraging the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology, she helps leaders to change their mindset to operate in more agile ways. She has designed a range of innovative assessment and leadership development experiences for diverse groups, from astronauts to women leaders. Marisa is a Chartered Psychologist, in recognition of her deep expertise and psychological knowledge. In addition, she is an active member of the American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society, and the Institute of Coaching.
She currently lives in Boston with her husband and two grown children.

what clients say
Audrey brought an outside perspective to my global HR leadership team that set the stage for a very productive strategy workshop. Not only was the meeting effective due to Audrey’s leadership during the meeting but the content that she brought to the table and the pre work she engaged us in ensured we achieved the right outcomes. We now have a solid HR Strategy Map that we all own. We would not have gotten there without Audrey’s strategic focus!
Beth Simonetti
Executive Vice President and CHRO of Tech Data
Audrey’s energy and organizational skills are borderline contagious. She not only brings value to our board, she makes the rest of us sit up a little straighter and apply ourselves a little better just by being around her. Audrey leveraged her talent management skills to help us not only understand ourselves better, but also to work together as a diverse group of professionals.
John Ulrich
Chairman of Board – St Petersburg Police Athletic League
I valued the openness and honesty in our transactions as well as the energy and thought put into everything. I experienced the best combination of inside track and outside track when designing solutions. With Audrey nothing sits still: you get astute analysis, high energy, high conscientiousness and a positive ‘can do’ spirit that sits alongside a strong desire to define and achieve the goal.
Drew Watson
Director – Drew Watson International Ltd
She has the ability to drive a concept through either a small or large organization until it is a visceral part of the culture. Audrey prizes others’ intellectual capital and shares hers – she listens and infuses the ideas with her own. Speed and energy are part of her DNA. Her mind runs towards strategy and the future, yet her skills are very execution oriented.
Patricia Brigman
Founder – Wisconsin Medmark
Audrey is a talent management powerhouse. She has fantastic experience both domestically and globally and really “gets” talent management. She brings enthusiasm and passion to her work and is a straight shooter who tells it like it is. Audrey takes a strategic view of talent management, but is also pragmatic enough to both tie it back to the business need and make it practical to implement.
David Weller Ph.D.
Principal – Leadership Alliance
Most impressive, was the energy and enthusiasm she demonstrated, which was unexpected coming from a corporate executive supporting a non-for-profit board. She brings an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious, refreshing and motivating to all those working around her. I especially take value from the commitment she has to a project, devoting time and bringing ingenuity and intelligence to every phase.
Assistant Chief James Previtera
Investigative Services – St Petersburg Police Department
I had the privilege of working with Audrey for 17 years. Her questions on how to best understand the Asian culture were relentless. When she moved her family to Asia everything changed. With our joint agenda of “succession to support massive growth in Asia”, we toured our main plants in Wuxi, Tianjin, and Suzhou, China. This sent a strong signal that the business performance and talent agendas were part of the same goal. Our expansion in Asia would not have been possible without a solid succession program. [/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”John Ranalletta” position=”Senior Management Consultant – Advisa” photo=”166″] During our partnership over the last 12 years, Audrey and her team leveraged our Predictive Index offering in a strategic and integrated way that brought tremendous value for her clients. Her ability to comprehend issues broadly and deeply is an asset equaled by few. Her cognitive agility and incisive thought processes are second to none. She grasps multi-layered issues quickly and drives solutions.
Teck Ping
Former COO – Jabil Green Point Division